BreakaLeg Productions
An Abingdon, Oxfordshire, Drama Group
Here is a condensed version of Gareth Jeremy's NODA review:-
It is always a pleasure to visit the Unicorn Theatre, and my thanks once again to Deidre Jones, for the invitation to see another of' BreakaLeg productions.
The action of the play started in the living room of Towcester Abbey, -- the home of Bill, the Earl of Towcester, sometime in the 1950's.

Lady Monica Carmoyle (Jenny Shepherd.) - I have seen this actress in many different roles, but this was the first time for her to be with the 'upper class', and she rose to the occasion with distinction.,Very much the 'cut glass accent', and the manner in which she presented herself. Looked good on stage, good diction, and somehow tolerated her husband.! Well done.

Lord Rory Carmoyle (Terry Atkinson) - Certainly seemed to have enjoyed playing the character, and kept it throughout the play. Certainly liked his jokes, more than what some of the audience cottoned on to! Excellent facial expressions, clear diction, but I'm not sure that he went down well at Harrods?

Jill Wyvern (Alex Codling) - Very relaxed on stage, carne over well as the Earl's fiancée, looked good on stage, and had some fine dresses to wear. --- she understood the Earl very well, --and some people in the audience sitting around me, felt very sorry for her. - so that shows she was very convincing in the character, -- Well done.

The Earl of Towcester. (Mark Wilkin) - Worked well with Jeeves. Came over to the audience as a man with many problems, which he had, - one way or another.  Good facial expressions, but there were times when he rushed his words a little, he needed to be a little more deliberate in his tone, never the less an interesting characterisation.

Ellen (Maxine Ford) - Did all that was asked of her, in a professional way. Must have been difficult to learn all your script!!

Jeeves (Mike Davies) - A man of 'many parts', ou have certainly progressed to the 'limelight'. Congratulations on learning and understanding as you did such a role - not an easy task, but you did it with such authority and poise. You had to be the linch-pin, and as stated previously, the Earl and yourself kept the play moving along at a fine pace. Well done.
Mrs Spottsworth (Julie Kedward) - Another superb performance, so experienced in all that you do, and a joy to watch and listen to. Excellent diction, and the American accent was maintained throughout the play. Beautiful period costumes, as would befit a wealthy lady. Certainly had Captain Biggar in a tizz.!! Congratulations.

Captain Biggar (David Spencer) - A fine performance, by another experienced actor, who understood his role well, again clear diction, and he made good use of the stage. A splendid cameo with Mrs Spottsworth !

Colonel Blagden  (Peter Bradley) - Was very effective as the Chief Constable, it was obvious that he did not want to make too many problems for an Earl, so he was very diplomatic in his approach to the situation.
He also does a fine job the 'other side of the lights', as the Sound and Effects master.

Director (Deidre Jones)  - This has been 'another success' for Deidre, she knows exactly what she wants from the plays she Directs, she has this visual image and she knows where she can find the cast who may be interested in doing such plays, as she wants to Direct, and as stated in the Programme, she is fortunate to have the valuable assistance of Mike Davies.

The Programme, again was of a very high quality,

The Scenic Design, and Construction of the Set by Bruce Scott. The Box Set was worthy of any ancestral home of a Duke.

There are so many people who help behind the Scenes, no Society could survive without this loyal band of helpers, to you all YOU DID A FINE JOB, and long may it continue.

This was another fine evening’s entertainment, and your Final Curtain call of “Memories Are Made of This” were very fitting.     I look forward to your next production.

Gareth Jeremy.
National Operatic & Dramatic Association
London Area - region 12.