ODN Drama Festival 2012:

Wednesday brought us a somewhat more conventional comedy in the shape of Red Hot in Amsterdam by Patricia Robinson, presented by BreakaLeg Productions and directed by Deidre Jones.  

Following the escapades of a pair of English diamond robbers as they perhaps unwisely seek refuge (and a hiding place for their haul) in an Amsterdam brothel, the petty infighting between the two ladies of the night and the sequence of misunderstandings between them, their Madame, the local police inspector (hoping to recover from discovering his wife’s infidelity in the arms of one of Madame’s seemingly inexhaustible array of girls) and the thieves, who foolishly attempt to disguise themselves as two new girls, lead to the sort of complications you would expect.  

A very effective first-floor window (actually only a couple of feet above the stage) through which many entrances and exits were made, complete with flashing torches, running footsteps, cars, dustbins and enraged local cats in the street “below” added nicely to proceedings.

Simon Turner  (Launton Players)

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